Online Quran Classes For Kids And Adults

Online Quran Classes For Kids And Adults

April 17, 2020

Muslims believe that there is no Prophet after the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. The Holy Quran, which was descended on the Prophet SAW, was the ultimate divine source of Allah’s instruction. According to the Quran, the arrival of Islam has completed. Now, we possess two means of success. One is the Quran revealed by Allah almighty and the second source of Ahadith of the Prophet SAW. These are two sources according to which we have to proceed with life.

Allah has clearly explained that the way of success is the way told by the Quran and the Ahadith. There is no royal road to success without the Quran and Ahadith.

That is why it is essential to learn the Quran. Neither age requirement, no economic and social condition and nor any situation works to prohibit us from learning of the Quran. The online method of Quran Learn is continuously becoming a growing trend across the world.

This is the fruit of information technology. We can attend classes online with an interactive session, which provides an actual class-like situation. The current addition of interactive sessions is an essential addition in online classes by online Quran academy of learning the Holy Quran.

What Role Does Play The Online Course Of Tajweed In Learning The Holy Quran?

Tajweed means doing something better. Tajweed of Quran is the basic set of rules, which is necessary to learn in the recitation of the Quran.

It was obligatory to learn. Without learning the Tajweed of Quran, we cannot recite the Quran properly. The question is that what Tajweed actually is. It is the set of rules or code of conduct which is necessary to follow during the recitation of the Quran. It deals with the actual sounds of the Arabic words used in the Quran. Similarly, the sound of Arabic language vowels and the Mukharij deals in courses of Tajweed.

We feel the need to learn Tajweed because we are Non-Arabic. The Holy book of Quran was revealed in the Arabic language. It is our need to learn the sounds of different letters.

Even Arabic speakers feel dire need the rules of Tajweed because the Quran was revealed in the Traditional Arabic language, which is much different from today’s modern Arabic. Arabic speakers prefer taking various courses by online Quran academy of Tajweed before learning of recitation of the Quran.

We feel we need to learn the basic rules of Tajweed due to two objectives.

1. Learning Pronunciation

It is our common problem that we cannot pronounce the actual sound of Arabic words used in the Quran. Moreover, we also cannot produce the real sounds of the given vowels or any other related things. We need the basic rules of Tajweed due to avoiding miss pronunciation.

The leaning of Tajweed is the sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad SAW. Prophet Muhammad SAW has been advised to recite the Quran according to the given rules. It is essential for us to follow the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.

2. Due To Learning Meaning Of Arabic Words

It is necessary for us to learn the meaning of the Arabic words, which we are pronouncing. The basic rules of Tajweed unleash possible mechanisms to learn the meaning.

Some people understand that leaning the basic rules of Tajweed is not essential for Non-Arabic speakers; they do not know that the wrong pronunciation is a sin. We have to be held accountable in this regard.

There are different benefits of learning Tajweed; for example, it provides us serenity and satisfaction of heart and soul. Hazrat Bra Bin Azab RA narrated that one day a man came along with his camel. He asked from Prophet Muhammad SAW that one day he was sitting with his camel and reciting the Quran, a patch of cloud came over him and his camel, it saved him and his camel from sunlight. Prophet Muhammad SAW said, it was serenity and satisfaction, which came due to recitation of the Holy Quran.

The Learning Of The Holy Quran By Kids

Alhamdulillah, we born in a house of Muslims. It is our good luck. We can see there are different people who do worship other than Almighty Allah. No doubt, they have all facilities, but they do not have Islam on their side, which is the guarantee of real success.

As Muslims, it is necessary for us to learn the Quran. Not only learn the Quran, but also its implementation is essential for our individual and collective life. When we talk about individual life, we cover different aspects of this domain. One of these domains is our family. We are responsible for making our children learn the Quran. It is obligatory for us and imposed by Allah.

According to Ahadith, the parents will be held responsible not only by Allah but by the children when they would be asked about the wrong deeds.

It is our duty to arrange all the possible facilities regarding learning the Quran.

There Are A Few Steps By The Completion Of These Steps; Our Children Can Learn The Quran By The Online System.

  1. First, we should arrange the best online forum to make the kid learn the Quran. Make sure that there are experienced teachers available.
  2. Noorani Qaida is the best to take the start. There is a complete set of rules of Tajweed and exercises, which may be helpful in learning the rules and its implementation.
  3. The student should complete exercises in the presence of the scholar.
  4. After through implementation of rules in these exercises, the student should move to the recitation of the Quran.

If we want to learn the recitation of the Quran; we should do the practice of listening to the world’s best reciters of the Quran.

We should consider these two facts while choosing online classes for our child.

  1. There may be an issue with the complete attention of the teachers. This issue can be solved by including the interactive session of the teachers.
  2. It is necessary to check the student’s reputation by the teachers and their parents.

It is of utmost importance for our kids to learn the Quran to be a better Muslim.

The Learning Of The Holy Quran By Adults

The adult can also learn Quran; there is no age restriction; for example, if adults became Muslims, he will necessarily need to learn the Quran or any adult Muslim who did not learn the Quran at his younger age, and he wanted to learn the Quran now. That is why; online forums arrange classes for these students to learn the Quran.

Learning of the Quran is essential for adults as it is for adults. It is obligatory for adults. There are similar steps for adult students for kids for the learning of the Quran.

The Following Steps Should Be Necessary To Comply With.

  1. It is necessary to find an online forum, which is of good reputation, which has excellent teachers and scholars.
  2. Again, Noorani Qaida is the best option to start. It comprises the set of rules, which is necessary to learn the recitation of the Holy Quran.
  3. There are some exercises to implement the rules learned. It is of vital importance to complete these exercises under the supervision of teachers.
  4. After completion of these exercises, the adult student should move to the recitation of the Quran.

Experts and scholars advise listening to the video clips of the world’s best reciters on Youtube. According to the Quran, we should use the teachings of the Quran to settle our matter between us.

Significance Of Noorani Qaida In Online Learning Of Quran

Noorani Qaida is a set of rules of Tajweed, which Is necessary to learn for the recitation of

Quran. The fascinating characteristics of Noorani Qaida are the presence of exercises.

These exercises present an opportunity to enforce the learned rules.

The learning of Tajweed is the obligatory part of learning the holy Quran. It is also the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Experts recommend that it is beneficial to take classes or courses, which is commonly of 3 months to learn Tajweed.

What Is Necessary To Learn The Quran Online?

There are several essential tips, which are necessary to achieve a better end.

1. Making A Plan To Achieve Success

If we want to do anything, which requires great determination, it is essential to devise a plan to achieve success.

In fact, a balanced schedule helps us to get the goal by consistent action. It provides us the mechanism to do persistent action. We should make a plan of revision of the learned lesson of the Quran and to proceed further.

2. It Is Necessary To Remain Hopeful For The Betterment

There are different things that are essential to achieve success. Sometimes, man loses hope, but it is essential to be positive. We should make a strategy of learning the Quran systematically. During each step, we should be hopeful of the success of the current step and the smooth forwarding.

3. It Is Useful To Take The Course Of Tajweed Of Quran

Tajweed is the set of rules, which is an essential requirement of recitation of the Quran. It is the sunnah of our Prophet SAW. We should take the course of Tajweed before going to learn the recitation of the Quran. Commonly, these courses are separately offered, which makes the sound base of recitation of the Quran.

4. Finding The Best Online Forum

There are several online forums that provide the facility of education of the online Quran. Several of them are just there to make money. It is not at all; some forums of good reputation is also there, which are providing the best facilities regarding the education of Quran.

It is necessary to get reviews. Their reviews are commonly available on the internet. It Is of utmost importance to find the best online forum for the teaching of the Quran.


The holy book of Quran is the last divine book, which was descended by Almighty Allah on our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. It is the book of guidance. There is no way of success without the way told by the Quran. The learning of the Quran by online Quran learn classes are necessary for us as for our children.

According to Ahadith and Quran, there has been described a lot of importance who learns the Quran and teaches it to others. The promise of forgiving his sins has done. In the last world, the recitation of the Quran according to the given rules provides us the opportunity to be near to Allah.

We can hire online Quran tutor for this purpose to learn the Quran.

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