Tips to Setup A Lifestyle Blog and Make Money from It

December 1, 2020

A lifestyle blog is an efficient way to both put forward your ideas and attract a portion of the audience if not a lot of them to take interest in your daily escapades and lifestyle choices. Influencing people with opinions and lifestyle choices might be in vogue currently but writing blogs to portray emotions and current activities of a person has been a ritual of the internet almost since its inception.

Let us delve into the mechanics of setting up a lifestyle blog and trying to monetize it.

A Hook Is Essential

A hook is usually a catchy start or pre-introduction to a piece of writing. Here, the hook acts as a teaser to your blog. A hook helps in introducing the idea of your blog to your audience and orients the audience in terms of what to expect from your blog. A hook needs to be intelligent and catchy and could be anything from a joke to trivia/statistics and /or a story that is relatable to the audience so that they are tempted to read more about it and retain their curiosity. College essay help has more information on how to write a hook.

Choose an Appropriate Domain Name

The domain name you choose should be easily understandable and relatable and it should tell the audience everything about your blog in a word or two. The domain name should represent the core essence of what your blog is about and should attract the interest of the audience simultaneously. Also, if the domain name is popular or common terminology then you might have to check for its availability as they might have been registered before.

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Choose A Compatible Host

Word press is one of the most popular hosting sites and website owners and bloggers use word press on a tremendous scale to write blogs and exhibit their product intricacies and range of deliverables to the audience.

Choose an Attractive Theme and Colour Scheme

The theme and colour scheme of your blog should represent the mood and tone of your blog. The appeal of the pages of your website should be relatable and in tandem with the nature of your content. Your audience should not be repelled by any element in design that is out of place or irrelevant to your blog which can turn off audience appeal.  In case of help regarding academic papers, writing my paper for me is your go-to friend.

Plug-Ins Can Be an Effective Gateway to Increased Functionality

SEO and search result priority is a must-do for all website owners. Optimise your website for search engine superiority. Everybody wants their website to turn up in the top of search lists and a SEO professional can help you achieve that.

Making Money from Your Blog

People who host websites or own websites are always looking for ways to make money from their websites. If you are one of them you may engage in affiliate marketing where you might help push certain products of certain companies to an extent and help in their sales. This would earn you some commission, a percentage of what is sold.  Running ads on your websites and influencing people to follow a certain trend or lifestyle might help you cash in on your blogs’ reach and popularity.

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