Four Best Formula 1 Video Games in The History Ever

Four Best Formula 1 Video Games In The History Ever

March 16, 2021

Formula 1 games are the best entry point for casual motorsport fans into the racing game world. The improvement in video game technology becomes evident with the recent betterment in the best Formula 1 games. Playing the latest F1 video games is not even comparable to the kind of fun you experienced back in time. Back in the 1990s, there were no licenses handed out. A myriad of developers tried their hand at Formula One games, but similar to F1 betting; it has been quite like a hit or a miss. Though some miserably failed, others did shine bright. Here, in this article, we will discuss four of the best Formula 1 video games. Let us address them one by one.

Super Monaco GP (Mega Drive)

The Super Monaco GP is Sega’s vintage F1 game. It is one of the first games to provide the players with the first-person viewpoint, and it allows them to see through the driver’s eyes instead of just looking at their car from above or behind. Although the game is not officially licensed, it is pretty evident who all the fictional racers are. For instance, Picos is Nelson Piquet.

The game is also widely remembered for the bonkers hidden secret – if you drive into the chap with a chequered flag, you will be sending flying miles in the air.

‘My favorite F1 racing game is Super Monaco GP, and I enjoy its sequel too,’ comments Eric, an educator who offers online assignment help for students.

Well, yes, the game has a sequel too. The Super Monaco GP was widely loved that the makers released a sequel, which also has sponsorship from the iconic Ayrton Senna.

Spirit of Speed 1937

Well, it would not be wrong to say that Spirit of Speed got many mixed reviews. However, it is a tenuous pick for this article. This game was released in 1999. It provides the gamers with a taste of the early motor racing, the thrill of the 1930s cars, the danger, and the circuits.

Unfortunately, IGN and GameSpot gave brutal reviews to Spirit of Speed, citing the loading time, poor graphics, and car controls. ‘Even though Spirit of Speed is not perfect, it is indeed very different, which makes it so refreshing,’ comments Freddy, an educator who offers online assignment help Adelaide services.

Well, we agree with Freddy. In all honesty, this is the reason why this game has found a place on our list.

Playing this game, you could literally spend hours flying around the tracks that are unfortunately nowhere to be seen in the modern era and push the raw machines to the limit to see how much you can squeeze off them before the engine catches fire.


Over the years, SEGA has released an umpteen number of racing games with their newest console. The arcade hits came home, and truly, we won’t blame you if you overlooked its officially licensed F1 game. Why? Because there were many good games released around the same time – Virtual Racing, Daytona USA, SEGA Rally, and many more.

On the other hand, the F-1 Challenge is not truly an arcade game, but it does owe a lot of its being to the F1 Super Lap, a gigantically popular arcade game. ‘Well, F-1 Challenge is more like an arcade-style simulator and less of an arcade game, but that does not lower the fun elements,’ points out Jerry, an online C++ tutor

With this game, the players have a choice of three tracks and five cars. The game has a full license from FOCA. It is equipped with fantastic simulator gameplay mechanics, such as tire wear, known from car handling, refueling, and tracks with inclines.

In all honesty, there is not much of a big deal to the game, but as far as the console sim racers go, it is an incredible entry, and given the platform it was launched on, or the time of its release, it may not be wrong to say that a lot of you may have missed out on this one. It is primarily because the PlayStation’s offerings have always etched longer in the player memory.

Formula One Grand Prix – PC

How can you have the list of the best Formula 1 games completed without the inclusion of a game from Geoff Crammond? Even though Geoff Crammond was not a motorsport fanatic when he just started his programming career, the ex-defense industry’s systems engineer did try his hand at the Formula 3 game in 1984, and rest, as they say, is history. MicroProse came up with their first-ever game about seven years down the lane, which was based on F1, and it unquestionably was the biggest hit of its time. Even though it does not have any official license, it features ground-breaking physics, owing to no smart part to Crammond’s degree in the subject. Further, the game also features accurately modeled circuits. It means that the racers can identify their location on the track. The Formula One Grand Prix’s success was so huge that it went on for three sequels, all with its official licensing. Until the mid-1990s, the game was considered one of the best PC games of all time.

So, these are the four best Formula 1 games that you can love if you enjoy motorsport racing. Have more such games to add to this list? Do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to share your views with our readers. Happy Gaming!

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