6 Excellent Ways to Get New Customers

6 Excellent Ways to Get New Customers

March 19, 2021

Australian start-ups and small businesses have been doing very well over the last couple of years. However, like any business, Australian small businesses find it challenging to get new customers. Like every small business owner, you would want to attract new potential customers to your business. Instead of taking a backseat and hoping that customers will show up, you can take a proactive approach to get the customers you need. Here are six excellent ways to get customers.

Attract Customers Through Social Media

Your presence on social media can attract a significantly large pool of potential clients. You need to know which platforms your customers are on and then create a business presence on those sites. But creating a social media account is not enough – you must be actively present, be knowledgeable, and helpful on those sites.

Make sure your accounts are optimised. Optimising your social media accounts improves your visibility – a definite way to attract new customers. Some possible ways to maximise your profile are providing your business name, contact information, location, and business website.

Finally, don’t forget to post content relevant to your business and relevant to your social media followers.

Create Compelling Content

It has been said thousand times over, and we repeat it – content is king. The content you create for your e-newsletter, website, social media, etc., is what people will talk about and remember you by.

If your content isn’t generating much response, consider hiring an external content creation service that can help you position your brand as an expert in your niche.

For your content to excel, you need a solid strategy. Choose issues that are relevant to your audience. Make sure those topics offer value to people. Through your content, answer questions related to your market and help solve problems within your industry.

When creating content, consider the buyer’s journey and create unique content for the funnel’s top, middle, and bottom.

Offer Introductory Discounts and Other Offers

Consider adding value to your product. Value-add is a fantastic way to attract new customers. It stirs up enough curiosity and interest in potential customers, so they convert to loyal customers.

Social media giveaways give potential customers a chance to engage with you and try your products/services. For example, include gift cards or a free one-month trial for subscribing to your email newsletter. Give away discount coupons if you have an e-commerce store. If you have a software business, you can consider giving a free trial for your premium package. Track all those customers who redeem the special offers. Then, target them with marketing messages that entice and encourage them to buy from you.

Improve your Website

In this age of the internet, most consumers go online to find new businesses close to them. That means your website must be visible and good enough to attract new customers and provide value. Go through your website to ensure that the design, graphics, content, and SEO are all up to date. Use tools to test the website and ensure it’s working well. Consider making your website interactive to engage potential customers.

Ensure all the information you have provided about your products/services is current and accurate. If you aren’t sure whether you can do this by yourself, enlist a website design company or an SEO expert to help.

Re-Contact Old Customers

Consider getting old and forgotten customers to become clients once again. Go through your customer contacts and check for customers who have not purchased or interacted with you for more than six months. Reach out to these dormant customers and provide them with offers and incentives to buy from you again.

You can reach out to dormant customers via email or maybe even by phone. That would make them feel extra-special and happy that you remembered them. You can update these contacts on new products/services that they might not have heard of but would interest them. If you have details regarding their last purchase, you can entice them with offers on the same product, similar products, or other products that might be of interest to them.

Ask for Referrals

Your existing, satisfied customers are your best advocates. They know your products/services and understand their benefits. They have probably shared your business information with their family and friends at some point in time.

Start a referral program so these customers can directly share your business with their family and friends in just a few clicks. An example of a referral program is the dual-sided rewards program that sweetens the deal for both your existing customers and the friends that they refer. Offer your current customers a reward for every successful referral they provide and provide an incentive to the referral to make their first purchase.


Many businesses find it hard to attract customers. Luckily, there are many ways to attract new customers and retain them.

Finally, considering investing in business insurance. When potential clients know you and your business are protected with reliable business insurance, they will have more trust in you. That increases your chances of gaining new customers. Click here for more information on business insurance for Australian small businesses.


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