Tips to Learn Playing Volleyball

Tips to Learn Playing Volleyball in 2020

February 7, 2020

Volleyball is a trendy sport that comes in multiple variations like beach volleyball, indoor, and the standard volleyball that you can play. Each of these variants comes with its own set of rules, environmental needs, and different types of equipment requirements.

However, the basics of all these variants are the same. You need stamina, focus timing, and a few more tricks to control the ball.

This post will share some of these tricks for the beginner level player can use for developing these essential skills.

Start with Right Equipment for Playing Volleyball in 2020

During the initial times, the players often believe that they don’t need professional equipment and can train with any standard shoes, dresses, and gears. While they may not face any problem using them, this can raise the risk of injury and muscular stress. It can also hinder proper movements of their body and heat generation, which will affect muscle growth.

Therefore, make sure to buy gear explicitly designed for volleyball in 2020. You don’t have to go for a high-end product or spend very high on it, but it should be rugged and compliant with sports standards. You can search internet talk to existing players or refer to professional coaches for guidance for the right sports equipment shop for buying these gears.

Work On Hand Strength

Volleyball may not need a handgrip like a basketball in 2020, but it does require a decent amount of control over the ball. This control is not possible with weak hand strength. Even a strong triceps, bicep or shoulder will fail to offer the required performance without hand strength.

Although you can develop this grip with regular practices, it’s better if you include special exercise for it. It will boost up your control and develop skills faster than usual. And, it’s not just the palm, but also the fingers that need training. It will come in handy for techniques like fingering that you are going to use during a match.

Consider using some bands, gripper, or any other gear that suit you for this task. As long as you get the results, it won’t really matter.

Cool Down

Warming up before an activity in 2020 is a standard part of every sport and physical activity. It is one aspect that even the newbie players will know and will perform to prevent injury.

However, a lot of beginners don’t know about the cooling down process and end up with problems due to it. They stop the activity all of a sudden, which interrupts the flow of acids and oxygen, causing injury and stiffness. In the worst case, it can also result in soreness and temporary straining of muscles.

Therefore, when you are done with practices, spend a minute or two in bringing down your body vital. The process isn’t that complicated and does need much effort. Mostly a few stretches will be enough to deal with the situation.

Focus On Defensive Skills

As new players, it’s tempting to pay full attention to offensive skills, and it’s a good thing. However, one must never forget that the game of volleyball isn’t just about offense. If you can’t protect your post, the points that you attain won’t matter.

Even if you are at a net point or an offensive position, there are chances or rotation during the actual match. The thing can cost you a game at some point, so make sure to train for both offensive and defensive skills. Again you don’t have to master both of them but at least know the basics.

Understand Your Ground

It is common for new players to get attracted by the game and jump directly into the play mode. It not harmful, but it can prevent you from learning the primary or theoretical aspects of the game. The player may develop skills to play the game but will suffer in planning. The player may also have difficulty in analyzing the ground, which may result in poor hitting control and attitude on the field.

Apart from these things, the player may also lack the knowledge of volleyball regulation, which is bad. You may end up committing foul without even knowing about it. Therefore, start with the basic block of the games. Know its rules, its penalties, tricks, and all the other elements before getting on the field. The better you know your ground, the better will be your performance.

Wrap Up

Volleyball is a thrilling sport in 2020 that brings with its fitness, adrenaline rush, and is a viable option as both professional career and hobby.

The data you just read will be good to start off with the volleyball game. Use them, and you develop the base to learn, grow, and thrive in the game. It will not make you a professional but will surely set you on a path to become one.

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