How to Pack Your Furniture While Home Shifting?

How to Pack Your Furniture While Home Shifting?

February 8, 2020

If you are deciding to shift your house, then it can be exciting, but it is also a tremendous amount of work. Packing and moving your furniture is one of the most time-consuming tasks. If you collect the right components and wrap all the pieces carefully, then they can be moved in good shape.

Always make sure to dismantle all the large items before wrapping, because it will provide more protection to your furniture. You should carefully pack all the fragile products and objects by covering them with more layers of protection. Below-mentioned is some points to pack your furniture while home shifting:

Make the List of Items that you have to Move:

Create an Inventory of all the items you have, how much time will be consumed to dismantle and prepare the wrapping. By calculating, you can wrap your things without any significant difficulty. Dismantle all the things carefully without breaking and remember the techniques to attach it again.

Measure your Hallways and Doorways:

Always make sure that all your furniture and items fit through all elevators, hallways, and doorways. Sometimes your large furniture cannot go through the doors; then you may need to de-attach the doors before moving them.

It will be helpful to keep the furniture in good shape and will fit through all the hallways and doorways. Light-weight items can be moved easily, but for bulky items, you have to pay more attention to keep them secure.

For example, dismantle the legs of the dining table before moving because it will protect the legs from getting damaged. Use the right tools to take apart the furniture while packing and moving.

Right Equipment and Tools:

Select the equipment and tools carefully to dismantle the doors, legs, frames, or tabletops. Wrap the items with plastic wrap and mark the fragile items with a marker to protect the items from damage.

Make sure that you all the necessary items to wrap, such as packing tape and furniture blankets. It will keep things safe. If you are shifting from Gold Coast, you can search for furniture removals Gold Coast which will help to protect your items and ensure you move the heavier loads.

Dismantle the more prominent items first:

Make the list of big furniture that needs dismantling first. Because this is a time-consuming task, so do this task first as your body will be energetic. Remove all the parts that can be dismantled, such as glass tops, shelves, bed frames, and table legs.

Dismantle the items one by one, so that you can remember how to re-attach it again. Place all the nuts and bolts carefully with the tools needed for the reassembly.

Make sure that you don’t lose any part:

Place the essential elements in a plastic bag and attach it under the large piece to keep the components safe and secure. Carefully place the parts so that they can’t get damaged when the tape will be removed.

If your furniture contains lots of parts, then you should number each piece, or you should apply a small sticker to reassemble the furniture correctly.

For better knowledge, you should always keep the instruction manual safe that came with the furniture. If the furniture is too large, then pack each piece separately and mark them for identification.

Pack Every Possible Item:

Pack and wrap each item that can be packed to secure them from getting damaged inside the truck. Wrap all the parts and pieces with bubble wrap and blankets and secure it with a rope or tape. Do not apply the tape directly on the finished and painted surfaces.

Clean the furniture thoroughly after you move to a new destination. This will save you from the extra cost of cleaning.

Wrap and Protect valuable and Fragile Pieces:

Use the moving wraps and blankets, which you can buy or rent from a moving store, and wrap all the furniture parts carefully that you don’t want to get tempered. To secure the moving blanket, you should pack it with packing tape.

Load the Truck with Heavy Furniture First:

If you were shifting from your home and rented a mover’s truck, always make sure that you know how to place the load in the truck. For example, appliances, dressers, chests, sofas, and couches should be packed and loaded first.

If you have hire and movers and packers team, then they will take care of all your furniture packing and loading. They will make sure that all your items and furniture are in good shape after moving. They wrap and pack all the essential items carefully so that they don’t get damaged.


You should consider these essential points if you are planning to shift or move from your home. This will allow you to move your items and furniture without any difficulty quickly.

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