8 Mistakes to Avoid While Painting a House

8 Mistakes to Avoid While Painting a House

February 7, 2020

Painting a new house is a journey of its own. As opposed to taking the help of professional painters that can easily cost you a significant amount, you can paint it yourself. Although it might restrict your overall expense to the painting supplies, it is not an easy job to pull-off. There are plenty of mistakes that you can make while painting your home.

The article provides you with all the basic mistakes that you can avoid while painting your home.

Selecting the Wrong Colours

One of the easiest mistakes that we tend to make while painting your home is picking up an unsuitable color. It is devastating to see all your hard work going down the drain if you don’t plan the color combinations before you pick up a roller.

People often go to the store and select the paint combinations that seem right for their home. It is not a bad option to entertain, but it is better not to take risks with painting. If the color combination doesn’t work, you might have to redo it all over again, which is also expensive.

Instead, you can ask the paint store to mix a couple of paint samples that you can take home and try out on one wall. Check its effect in both artificial and natural light and decide accordingly.

Painting on a Dirty Surface

The painting of a wall is a long process, and people either forget or skip the cleaning of the walls. All the investment on the purchase of the paints goes to waste if you paint on the dirty surface. There is a lot of things that are needed to be done before you apply the first layer of coating on the wall.

Your house might be a heaven for different types of wall insects, lizards, fungus, and a lot more. It would help if you got rid of the dirt and unnecessary substances that can come between the layer of the paint and the wall. It may cause the paint to come off easily. You can use scrubbers to clean the surface of the wall.

Skipping the Use of Primer

A primer works as an excellent adhesive ingredient for the paint to stick to the surface easily. It provides a good surface for the paint and helps in creating a beautiful finish. It also helps to bring out the actual color that you chose to paint your wall with.

If you’re painting on an already painted wall, you can use a combination of primer and paint. Also, if you are painting on wood, you can use a standard primer before painting.

Using the Wrong Paint Brush           

Depending on the specific painting requirement, you must use different types of brushing tools. There might be times when you think that a paint roller is a better option as opposed to using a brush. There are various kinds of paint brushes that you can use on different types of surfaces.

For instance, you can use synthetic bristles if you’re using latex paint and a standard bristle brush if you are using oil-based paint.

Painting without Covering Everything

One of the most annoying mistakes that people do while painting their house is providing insufficient coverage to the floor and other valuable house items. You would not like to see paint-splotched wall plates & doorknobs. It would also mean that you will have to work overtime to get rid of the hardened stains from the surface, which is tiresome.

You can use newspaper sheets to cover the flooring and plastic sheets for other valuables like sofas, TV, and others.

Not Taking Account of the Weather

As when you are painting the outside wall of your house, one of the most important things that you can do is consider the weather factor. It can easily ruin your work, and you might have to spend the same time redoing it again.

You must check the weather forecast to ensure that you don’t face the possibility of an overcast or rainy situation. High humidity can easily influence the drying time for water-based paints.

Painting the Ceiling Last

If you are painting both the ceilings and the walls, always ensure that you go for the roof first. If you are painting it later, there is a high possibility of your wall paint may get ruined by the splashes while painting the ceilings. You can take the help of professional painters in New Farm and avoid the common mistakes in painting your home.

Painting on Decaying Wood

Just as scrubbing and cleaning of the wall are essential before applying the first layer of the paint, you must check the quality of the wood before painting. Wood tends to gets compromised over the years.

It is essential to remove any decaying wood before applying the first layer of paint on it.


It is not easy to paint a home without making some mistakes, especially for the first-timers. Depending on the type of house you own, you must understand the painting aesthetics before you pull off this important task. It will help you to limit your painting mistakes to the minimum.

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