Why Is Weight Loss So Important For Reducing Back Pain?

Why Is Weight Loss So Important For Reducing Back Pain?

February 7, 2020

Can being overweight help cause back pain?

The answer is yes, statistics prove that people who are classified as overweight tend to suffer more from chronic back pain than those who are not overweight.

If you are suffering from chronic back pain and you are overweight it is harder to start an exercise program. You will need to learn the correct exercises to do otherwise you can do more damage to your back.

However you can start a program to lose weight. Any extra weight you are carrying will cause stress on your spine and you will have less flexibility and energy to enjoy life.

Being overweight can cause numerous health problems not just chronic back pain. High cholesterol, heart problems, blood pressure problems and even diabetes.

However, this article is really only looking at chronic back pain.

  1. Every pound lost would relieve pressure from your spine so it is important to change your eating habits to help lose weight.  Over 33% of Americans suffer from musculoskeletal pain which causes fatigue and breathlessness so it is important to gradually buildup your fitness.
  2. Taking a short walk (even 5 min is worth doing) and building on it is a way to improve fitness. Do several short walks in a day.
  3. Your other approach is cut back on calories. You must reduce your input to below the number of calories you burn each day. If you need to lose a lot of weight going to your doctor before you start a new eating plan is a good idea.
  4. Some people suffer from thyroid problems which makes it very difficult to lose weight, I would suggest having your thyroid checked.
  5. Eating six small meals per day (the serving size will vary depending on the number of calories you should eat) each meal being a protein, good fat and carbohydrates will help you lose weight quickly.
  6. It is a sensible safe way to eat, together with drinking 8-10 glasses of freshwater per day.

If you follow these tips you will lose weight and find that your chronic back pain will reduce.

And you also Choose Best Office Chair for Back Pain Relief that give a proper posture to your Spinal. Once you are feeling up to doing more strenuous exercise a proper exercise program designed to help your lower back will help prevent any further back injury or pain.

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