2 Positive Effects Of Prayer Towards Your Mental Health

2 Positive Effects Of Prayer Towards Your Mental Health

February 27, 2020

It is 2020, and taking care of our mental health is a top priority. If you look at it, there are over a thousand studies about mental health and how you can take care of yourself and how you can deal with it. With all the hustle and bustle of our everyday life, we forget to turn back to our faith. Here at christian.net, we are going to show you how prayer works magic for our mental health.

A lot of people lose themselves in their daily routines. They look everywhere to find something to help them cope. Little do they know that something as basic as prayer can go a long way. Prayer does not need any subscription or membership, and it only demands our time. Appreciate your faith and find relief in prayer.

We always tend to think highly of our jobs, activities. But despite all that, never take for granted the power of prayer. As you read further, you will be enlightened about why prayer can be a powerful alternative to your mental health needs.

Deals With Anxiety Effectively

People who view God as this loving and caring figure tend to feel less anxious. Everything starts with your idea of God. If you view him as this loving and caring God and trust in his plans for you, you would feel more confident and comfortable. This chain of events would cause miracles for your mental health.

A study from Baylor University found this gap from people who view God as a loving God and people who pray but do not expect protection from him. The “miracles” in the first situation would be less worry, fear, and anxiety. These are no extraordinary feats, but it can be the difference in having sound mental health.

You can also try different forms of prayer, such as meditation. Further study and appreciation of your faith can also yield positive results. Overall, prayer is such a handy habit to have in times of anxiety and fear.

Fights Against Depression

When I say fight, it does not mean fight like how medicines work. Saying a prayer is not the equivalent of fighting a virus. Prayer’s effect on mental health is more complex than that – it’s grounded on how much you believe that everything’s going to be okay.

Researchers found that people who pray more have a higher chance of fighting depression. Those who do not pray to develop qualities that add difficulty to their situation. The logic here can be: People who pray tend to control what they can. Praying also helps people accept their situation.

The research had respondents of people with mental illnesses. With the majority of them recovering well, one common fact is shared among them: prayer. These results only go to show that prayer is an effective way to cope with our mental health.

Mental Health

Important Disclaimer

After explaining how prayer can do wonders for your mental health. Coping up with our mental health is not a one-man team. You will still have to go out and develop good habits by putting your faith in action. You can think of prayer as a solid backbone rather than a do-it-all magic pill.

Prayer is not a prescription drug. Nor is prayer a substitute for therapy. Get all the help you need and use prayer as a solid backbone. Develop a fundamentally sound mental health plan to live your life to the fullest.

Final Thoughts

With all the fancy ways to cope with mental health, it is important to pray. Prayer requires no fee, but a daily practice of it. The act itself is a fundamental way to help ease your mental health problems. Praying also improves our relationship with our God.

As Christians, know that we should treat our bodies as temples as this is the body that God himself placed us in to propagate his teachings. Taking care of our bodies means that we should know about our mental health tendencies. We do not have to search far and wide for a cure. We have prayer and our faith in our God as a great and fundamental alternative.

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