5 Coolest Fashion Trends from Spring 2020 Fashion Weeks

5 Coolest Fashion Trends from Spring 2020 Fashion Weeks

February 6, 2020

The purpose of fashion is to permit women to live a fearless and bold life. It is a belief that if you look good you are happy inside too, and you are refreshed, which is the cause that you spread good things and happiness around you too. Hill of styles brings a wide range of trendy clothes, scarfs, jewellery, to make you look good at affordable prices. Fashion is a creative expression at a certain time and situation.

Fashion trend 2020 is now giving us something different as people are continuously wearing the same type of outfits for very long. They are giving vibrant colors with amazing prints. Tight pants, jeans were in fashion previously but now we are seeing that skirts, jumpsuits with some funky textures and boots are coming out. Designer and fashion icons make more such types of outfits in which people are comfortable, and what they want. Pastel, bold colors, feather, leather are in fashion now.  Here is how:

Maxi Imitative Leather Coats

It has been a scene that leather coats are in fashion now, it can be easily wearable and can be adjusted in any hangout, brunch or in any fashion show too. Just to give you a classy and warmly impact. Girls usually wear long leather maxi style coats in any get together with friends and even on any date too because it usually looks adorable on anyone who is wearing it. Colors impact mostly if you wear any bold color like red, emerald, royal blue and black it looks so charming and lively. Mostly girls wear them on jeans and t-shirt with long boots or shoes, sandals with high heels. It can be front open or can tie up with the belt looks extra effective and you look so smart. It is 90’s fashions which are now upgrading, and can be worn with tight and straight pants too. 

Chunky Boots with Dresses 

Chunky boots have been seen wearing in Fashion trend 2020 them with long maxi style frocks tight waist. Looks amazing wherever you go you can simply wear it. It is also 90s fashion but now it is looking more in fashion giving us a more fashionable look. Chunky boots are in fashion for those as well who are doing any modeling, even in ramp walks 2020 models are seeing wearing these boots with a hat on head or bun with long earrings and bracelet in hands. You can mix up all the styles and wear these boots on. They are coming in different designs, some have broad heels and fully cover like long boots and some are seen with laces tie-up. It is up to you which design you are preferring to wear with which outfit. 

Footwear is really important as you are choosy in your clothes. You have to be choosy in selecting your shoes, boots as well because it is a necessary part of your fashion and dressing. Mostly when you appear in any gathering mostly people judge you with your footwear and the first eye goes on your foot than comes on the dress. It gives you more sensibility. The chain in the neck purse of the leather bag in your hand can be a great compliment to your boots. 

Pastel Bucket Hats in 2020

In this season it is good to carry a bucket hat with you, look more impressive, bold and is a versatile thing used since Victorian times. Bucket hats are more likely to be used when you are going to any park or going on the street with anyone or alone. It looks so smooth and you can make it in contrast or in the same color of your outfit. It has no boundaries that can be worn with pants and formal shirts, skirts, maxis, and long coats too. It is for formal and informal both look. You can use it with wearing shirts and legions with high heels and on top wear, this pastel bucket hat would make you look so adorable. It is a women’s accessory which is becoming now a day in fashion. Make you look smart and gorgeous. 

Leather Jumpsuits & Boiler suits

Jumpsuit and boiler suit is becoming in fashion nowadays because it can be easily wearable with an alone length and it can fix anywhere you go whether a party, show or any casual dinner. The jumpsuit is mostly tight, sleeveless and sometimes has full sleeves depending on the demand of the customers. The boiler suit is mostly with long sleeves and with less tight-fitting. For day to day wear you can use it and the popular colors wearing in them are black and khaki. If some of you don’t like this much loose dress can use it with a belt and tight it from your waist. It can be carried with smart heel sandals, shoes and with boots too depending on the weather and customer choice. It is a good range of dresses in 2020. Making wearing parties more popular wearing in parties. Jumpsuits clothing is wearing by parachutes and skydivers for jumping. Now seeing wearing by ordinary girls as a fashion trend.

Shoes Worn Over Pants

Wherever you are walking to whether it is your office, university or any party you can use shoes over pants. If you can easily and comfortably with strappy heels it looks really cool and feels like a boss. Sandals are in fashion wearing smart and formal dresses but now this trend has been changed and you can wear it normally as well. No need to feel shy by wearing it in the office it gives you a unique feeling. You look gorgeous and stylish by wearing it with tight pants and short shirt with messy open hair, or a messy bun up to you. You look decent in every way just believe in yourself and whatever you wear with full confidence makes you more attractive. Ensure to buy long leather jacket to incorporate with classy shoes and pants.


The fashion trend has been changed in 2020. coming in merging with the 80s and 90s fashion trends with putting some extraordinary effect. Ensure to shop the trendy outfits to steal the show in this spring season.

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