How to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean

How to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean

February 9, 2020

It is no surprise that almost everybody likes to take a dip in the swimming pool. But when it comes to keeping the pool water clean, there are various aspects that are needed to be taken into account. It includes cleaning of filters, scrubbing of tiles, and different other essential assets.

The article showcases some of the primary ways to keep your swimming pool clean.

Clean the Filter on Regular Intervals

One of the most neglected parts of keeping a swimming pool clean is the timely maintenance of its essential components. Filters are needed to be replaced after a particular time as they have a specific lifetime. It works excellent in extracting the debris and other elements that can compromise the integrity of the water in the pool.

For the best results, you need to clean the filters once a week. It also requires you to change it at least once every five years. Moreover, the cartridge filter needs to get cleaned once 2-5 weeks.

Timely Check Your Pools Chlorinator

A chlorinator or a chlorine generator helps to keep the water of the swimming pool clean by automatic generation of chlorine regularly. Although this method works if you have a salt system for your swimming pool, it comes with some associated risks.

It would be best if you avoid adding too much salt to the pool as it might increase the acidity level of your pool. Though owning a chlorine generator is not cheap, it helps significantly in maintaining the sanctity of the water. Besides, a chlorinator also means that you don’t have to manually add the chlorine, which is a bit tiresome experience.

Maintain the Chemical Levels

Chlorine is an essential ingredient that kills germs & bacteria present in the pool water and helps in keeping the water clean. A slight change in the amount of chlorine present in the water can make it unsuitable for swimming. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the chemical levels in your pool to keep the water crystal clear.

You can use the PH level to measure the acidic or alkali nature of the water. Make sure it’s somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6 to categorize it as suitable for swimming.

Get a Decent Pool Vacuum

Although manual skimming of the pool also works to keep a swimming pool clean, it is just not as effective as a pool vacuum. It can easily make all the difference for the pool water to look crystal clear. All it requires you to do is set a timer, and it sweeps all the dirt & debris from the surface of the pool.

The dirt and build-ups are more than enough to change the chemistry of the water. Hence, you must invest in a decent vacuum pool pumps to keep the water clean.

Use Shock Treatment

Shock treatment is one of the most effective techniques to avoid the chances of a greenish tint, which is a result of frequent use of the pool. If left for a longer time, it can lead to the development of algae.

Therefore, a shock treatment is required to clean a pool in such a condition. It involves the addition of chlorine to the pool in high amounts. It would be best if you took the help of the professionals as opposed to shocking the pool all by yourself.

Also, avoid using the pool just after the shock treatment as it may irritate your eye and skin.

Scrub the Tiles

Even when you use a pool vacuum to clean the water, it might still be dirty, considering it’s hard to get rid of stains and dirt accumulation on the surface of the tiles. These stains may house algae that can make your pool dirty again if left unattended.

You can use a long-handled brush to clean the surface of the tiles. Make sure that you use a skimmer basket to collect the debris from the water. It might seem like a tiresome job to pull-off. You can sort the help of professional pool cleaners for the best results.

Regular Cleansing Of Your Skimmer Basket

A skimmer basket is an essential asset that is used to skim the surface of your swimming pool. It is proficient in extracting the plastic, wrappers, and various other contaminants.

No matter how small or big, every single contaminant enters through the surface of the water.

Clean the Lint Pot of Your Swimming Pool

Lint pot is an essential asset for the cleaning process of the swimming pool. It is proficient in accumulating different types of debris, including leaf, hair, and many more. Moreover, a variable speed pump is highly often recommended for more efficient performance.


There are plenty of other things that need to be considered to ensure the cleanliness of your pool pumps and swimming pool. Although it depends on the type of swimming pool, the article features some of the essential tips to keep your swimming pool clean all year long.

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