Why Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

Why Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

July 17, 2021

Have you ever found yourself getting into your exercise routine at home and cranking up the air conditioner to cool down? You may have even found yourself using a remote to control your thermostat and make your HVAC system turn on mid-rep. There’s no denying that an HVAC is a great asset year-round, but just like our bodies, proper maintenance is needed to make sure it runs efficiently and for a long time. That’s why cleaning your ductwork is important to get the most of your unit.

Removing Dust and Allergens

As you figure out how to be fit, you might be told to focus on cardio exercises, such as jogging or even running on a treadmill. This is beneficial for your heart health and blood flow. Your HVAC system is very much like a heart, with the air ducts acting as the arteries and veins producing cold or warm air. Just like our circulatory system, a blockage can be detrimental. Ducts can become caked with dust, contaminants, and even vermin droppings over time that ends up getting run right through your vents, impacting your indoor air quality.

Cleaning air ducts is much like regular exercise, something that should become part of a routine. While scrubbing ductwork is not a daily activity, it should be done at least monthly by either cleaning or replacing air filters or bringing in a licensed HVAC professional for a full assessment of the unit and ducts. This lowers the risk of any respiratory conditions or exacerbation of allergy symptoms that can be brought on by dirtied-up air.

Preventing Mold Growth


There are two common signs you need to clean your ducts: certain odors or a lack of strong airflow. Dust and contaminants clogging ducts and vents prevent cold air from getting through the household, leading you to crank up the thermostat for your home’s HVAC system to no success. If you notice a burning smell, that could be a mechanical failure in the system. If you notice a musty smell, that could be brought on by the presence of mold within the ducts.

Excess moisture creates a breeding ground for mold that, left untreated, can lead to an undeniable odor. Future health problems like respiratory conditions will impact your airflow and ability to get a proper day’s exercise. These respiratory issues are the easiest way to excuse yourself from any exercise that can be high-intensity, distracting you from your fitness goals. Proper cleaning can eliminate the chance for mold spores to thrive. A professional cleaning may be in your best interest to check for any underlying issues causing that moisture to build up.

Saving Money for Fitness


Clogged air ducts block cool or warm air to areas of your home, leading you to adjust the thermostat accordingly, putting more pressure on an HVAC system. Think of it as having your heart rate constantly running at a high, effectively burning yourself out. This leads to a breakdown in equipment and the eventual need to replace an HVAC unit earlier than intended. It will also send your energy bills soaring because of the amount of electricity being expended to feel the effects of the system.

By cleaning up your ducts, you can save plenty of money that you maybe could use on your fitness regimen. This can be used on everything from purchasing more nutritious options at the grocery store to investing in a personal trainer to better set you up with the physical activity that might be right for you. Just like an HVAC system, exercise routines are not one-size-fits-all. Bike riding may be better for one person’s workouts, as opposed to reps with dumbbells. Do what works for you and your wellness routine.

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