Web.com Reviews Provides You With The Ultimate Flood Preparedness Checklist

Web.com Reviews Provides You With The Ultimate Flood Preparedness Checklist

June 11, 2020


Taking the necessary precaution to combat any natural disaster is a wise step as they strike with little prior warning. Flood is one of the most common natural disasters that occurs due to heavy rain or the melting of snow as a result of global warming. Since a flood overwhelms natural drainage systems it is essential to have a flood safety plan in advance to protect yourself and your loved ones. Web.com Reviews provides you with a flood preparedness checklist that you should have updated and ready at all times.

The Checklist

  • Flood emergency alerts- Be aware of any flash flood warning by enabling emergency alerts on your phone. Wireless emergency alerts, which is a U.S. government program sends an automatic notification to your cell phone if you are in an area that could be in danger of an imminent flood. Having an emergency weather radio is also a big help as natural disasters can disrupt normal communication channels.
  • Secure important documents– To prepare for any kind of emergency, it is a good idea to have all your important documents in one place. Organize your vital papers in a lockbox that can survive floods or can be carried easily with you. It should include your passport, insurance papers, financial records, your birth certificates, academic papers, and any such paper deemed vital.
  • An emergency flood kit- Have all your family-essentials in a kit in case you need to evacuate on an emergency. Medicines, asthma inhalers if any, a flashlight with extra batteries, a first aid kit, bottled water, a whistle or any noisemaker, a multipurpose knife, a cell phone portable power bank, and any other specific requirement of your family should find a place in that kit.

How to make an emergency kit in case of natural disaster ...

  • Proper landscaping for effective drainage– Consult a landscaping expert to ensure you have an effective drainage facility to protect your home against flood. You can think of having a DIY dry creek bed or rain garden to filter rainwater runoff. This is especially important for homes that have basements prone to flooding. You should also ensure that the ground around your home has a slope away from your house in all directions to promote effective drainage.
  • Flood insurance policy- A flood can cause huge and irreparable damage to your property. This can take a huge toll on your financial plans because homeowners’ insurance or renters’ insurance does not usually cover flood damage. If you happen to live in a high-risk flood zone it is safer to purchase a flood insurance policy that can save you in such times. Most flood insurance policies take 30 days to go into effect which means you should get insurance a month before hurricane and flooding season begins.


By following these flood preparation tips provided by Web.com Reviews, you can be rest assured that you’ve taken the proper steps in case the situation turns grim. Have an evacuation route ready and also form a support network of friends, family, and neighbors. With this flood preparedness, you can be assured of minimum damage and minimum stress at the last minute.

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