Matthew Davies Stockton Discusses Victory Gardens And Why You Should Plant One

Matthew Davies Stockton Discusses Victory Gardens And Why You Should Plant One

June 13, 2020


During both the world wars, victory gardens were planted by families in the United States to help prevent any food shortage. People were encouraged to grow and consume their own produce so that there was enough food for the soldiers fighting around the world. In addition to solving food shortage, it also gave a sense of purpose to the civilians who did their bit to contribute during the tough times. It eased the burden on commercial farmers and infused a feeling of patriotism amongst all. Planting a victory garden is relevant in today’s time as well. Matthew Davies Stockton believes that it is a great idea and lists the reasons why you should plant one.

The Reasons

  1. Self-sufficiency- You do not have to depend on the supermarket for veggies and fruit because you are already growing them for yourself. Planting a victory garden means you are getting freshly plucked produce of your own choice. From herbs to greens to vegetables, you can get them all when you need them.
  2. Proper utilization of land- The land that is otherwise left barren is put to good use when you grow something on it. According to environmental organizations, they are a force for change and can bring about positive outcomes on climate change. Keeping soils covered means there is no soil erosion and the soil nutrients remain intact, unwashed by rainwater.
  3. A stress-buster– Research have shown that being in a company with plants has a positive impact on mental well-being and happiness. Gardening is therapeutic for the soul and a great stressbuster as well. Planting a victory garden means that you are tending to your hobby and devoting a lot of time to it. When you pluck the produce, the sense of accomplishment that you feel is priceless. Sunshine, fresh air, and rediscovering your creative side ushers in joy and physical fitness.
  4. Healthy food- When you grow your own vegetables free from chemicals and harmful pesticides, you get to eat naturally healthy food. Organic produce has a good impact on health and helps you remain fit and become less prone to diseases. Having it fresh from your garden retains the flavor and nutrients of the produce, thereby adding to the benefits of their consumption.
  5. Good for the pocket– When you consume home-grown produce you save on a lot of money which you would spend otherwise on buying them from a store. You can use this saved amount to better use and constructive utilization. In a way, your hobby of having a victory garden pays you as well because money saved is ultimately money earned.


Start small if you are a first timer and see how it goes before tilling a big piece of land. You may try with just a few containers at first if you are not very sure of your capabilities. Put your spare time to good use and reap the benefits, literally. Matthew Davies Stockton thinks it is just a matter of time before you fall in love with your victory garden and plan to have one forever.

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