How Do I Meet Locals When Traveling?

How Do I Meet Locals When Traveling?

February 5, 2020

If you are a traveler, then you might hear travelers saying that “The place was very nice but it was the local people who made the trip special” when they return to the house. This is all due to the great behavior of the local people shown to travelers. As the world is a global village, it is easy to know about the culture and people of the place. 

Planning to go on a trip to Garowe? If your answer is yes, then connect with a travel agency to book flights to Garowe at an affordable price. When visiting the place, you want to interact with the locals in the best way possible. So, below are the ten ways to help you out:

1: Check Out People on CouchSurfing  

As we are living in the world of social media, there is a website named that can help you to interact with the locals and other travelers. Just visit the website and with the swipe of the fingers you can find out the locals and can find out other traveler members as well to hang out with them. By staying with the locals, you learn about the people’s nature and culture of an area. Furthermore, you can use this platform to plan meet-ups with the locals. 

2: Check Accommodation on Airbnb

Airbnb is a platform where people rent out their properties. Most travelers or business people are looking for such properties when they are traveling. You can also look for the property where you will meet the local people as your host and you may find out other travelers as well. By staying with the locals, you can have guidance about the places that you can visit and you can listen to their story as well. 

3: Asking Locals Travel Questions

It is important to note that if you are not aware of the place, then you can use an app called Ask a Stranger to get the answer to your questions. Travelers to get answers to the question they want when traveling. These questions are sent to the locals and they will answer to earn some money in return. Moreover, you can also visit a website called Local. It is a website where you can ask the locals anything for $5. You can inquire about the places to eat, hike, enjoy a great wine list, and watch the beautiful architecture. 

4: Have a Meal at Local’s Home

It is a well-known fact that you can stay with other people in their house when you are traveling. What can be better if you get the chance to enjoy the delicious food as well? You might be surprised that you can eat meals at a local chef’s home as well. For this, you have to sign up on EatWith hosts. After this, you can go to the house of the local chef and he will be preparing the food for you. You only have to browse the website and pick the food that looks delicious to you. Remember that only 4% of people who apply to the EatWith hosts are accepted. 

Another option is the Feastly. This company is also working on the same idea as EatWith but this platform is not international. This is only available in NYC, Washington, Chicago, and San Francisco so far. 

5: Enjoy Rides from Locals

Lyft is not an average ride-sharing app or car service. Just like Uber and Sidecar, Lyft is an app through which you can enjoy the rides from the local drivers at an economical price. Lyft is a type of car service where the friendship between the driver and the passenger will not end up with the ride. It is a common experience that the community drivers and passengers go out for coffee or different other activities like common people.

6: Enroll in Classes with Locals

There is no need to be at home for taking classes. If you won’t learn anything, then it is best to enroll yourself in the classes. It will be a place where you can meet the locals. You can take classes to learn a language, dancing, cooking, and much more. You can visit a platform called Skillshare. Here you will get both online and offline classes with the locals in cities present around the United States. Some other sharing sites are for having the classes are Dabble and CourseHorse. 

7: Go on Tours with Locals

In the country, there are many tour companies that arrange tours for you and you can meet other travelers as well. But there are some tours that are arranged by the local people. If you are able to find such a tour, then you should not miss it as you will interact with the locals and they will be telling you the places in more detail. One useful resource for you can be the ToursByLocals. Here you can get everything from cranberry harvesting at Massachusetts farm to a safari day in South Africa.

8: Purchase Goods from Locals

If you need any gear, goods, or apparel, then there is no need to go to a store. You can purchase the goods from locals instead of Yerdle. Yerdle will allow you to use the credits to bid on and buy everything starting from acrylic paint to backpacks. A person gets 250 credits just for signing up, and you can earn credits by listing your own goods for the rent. 

9: Arrange Trip to Local Places 

Yes, you heard it right! You need to enter VoomaGo, it is like a local travel agent meets the local tour guide. On this website, you can browse all the local experiences that are offered by locals and listed under the “Experiences” tab.

10: Eat Some Local Treats

Whenever you are traveling to a new place, it is easy for you to rely on Yelp to know about the new restaurants. But it is best for LocalEats! It is a website that is focused on independently-owned restaurants present within the cities across the country. Furthermore, you can also try out Doughbies. It is also a website where you can order the freshly-baked pastries that are made locally in the super small batches. 

These were the ten helpful tips for meeting the locals on your trip. Planning your trip to Garowe? You should get in touch with a professional travel agency to get cheap flights to Garowe for easy traveling. 

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