You Are What You Eat: 10 Nutritional Rules for Everyone

You Are What You Eat: 10 Nutritional Rules for Everyone

March 2, 2021

The obtrusive advertising of unhealthy foods that flashes from all screens is distracting us daily. Due to them, the correct lifestyle does not seem to be attractive.  Moreover, they are forcing people to become addicted to bright tastes and fast carbohydrates.

But we will continue to guard the healthy habits that the body needs to restore all organs and systems’ natural functioning. How to improve health and rejuvenate? Let’s get started.

Nutritional Rules That You Should Follow

Here are ten nutritional rules that will forever change your attitude to food.

1. Do Not Eat For Pleasure

A person needs food so that he/she can recover the expended resources, moving towards the goal. When he/she lives for the pleasures of the stomach, the food becomes the only source of joy. This becomes a big problem.

You need to change priorities, look for your purpose, and not seize the void inside with a kilogram of sweets. Moreover, instead of eating for pleasure, you should eat for your health instead.

2. Refrain From Drinking Alcohol Even When Stressed

Many people indulge themselves in this drinking regime, thinking that it can relieve them of their pains and hurtful thoughts. While in reality, it is not only aggravating the stress but also damaging your health badly. It is one of the biggest enemies to your health, which you need to fight.

When you cannot control the desire to drink alcohol yourself, it shows that it’s time to seek alcoholism treatment assistance from an expert. Get an appointment, make yourself better, and enjoy good health.

3. Refrain From Eating Unhealthy Foods

To maintain the health and freshness of the face, it is necessary to monitor the quality and quantity of food absorbed. Just like a car needs fuel, good lubrication, and regular maintenance, so does the human body. You won’t be loading 20 kilograms of gas-flavored dirt into a gas tank. Nor you will put cheap rubber on wheels or clean glass with a watermelon smoothie.

Why do you allow yourself to treat your body this way? Canned food, chips, burgers are inedible garbage. Food should be lively, rich in vitamins and minerals. You need to make yourself understand and fight the addiction to eat harmful foods.

4. Appetite Is Not Equal To Hunger

The brain often deceives the stomach, begging for something tasty to distract from stress and unpleasant emotions. You need to accustom yourself not to react to such provocations because a truly empty stomach will be happy with any food. Learn to feel your body; it knows better what food you should eat and at what time.

Appetite is picky, and therefore false. It causes excess weight and slagging. Do not be led by emotions and eat without reaching the saturation point. It will give freedom of movement and help food to digest better.

5. Maximum Taste from Minimum Food

Saturation does not come when the stomach is full, but when the brain receives enough signals from the tongue’s receptors. That is the feeling of satiety. The stomach sends the signals to the brain. Knowing this nuance, you can use the following trick.

Keep food in your mouth longer, chew until it gives up all the taste. This way, you will be satiated many times faster, and you certainly won’t overeat.

6. Saliva Is an Important Element in Digestion

To get the most out of breakfast, you need to chew for a longer period. Only then the food will come in contact with saliva, and the stomach will digest everything easier and faster. Besides, carbohydrates begin to break down already in the mouth. This is why it is so important to chew food thoroughly and to a mushy state.

7. Remember Product Compatibility

The digestion process takes place through complex biochemical reactions. If you combine foods that are initially incompatible, the alkali will neutralize the acid. It will make it more difficult for food to break down and absorb.

Remember, meat combined exclusively with vegetables, while cereals, bread, and potatoes are difficult to digest by themselves. This is why it is better not to mix them with animal proteins. Moreover, you should also eat berries and fruits separately.

8. Follow Your Drinking Regimen

Not only does our body consist of water, metabolism, and the well-coordinated work of all organs and systems also depend on it. Water nourishes the cells of the body, gives them strength and elasticity.

It also cleanses the body of free radicals and slagging by removing excess salts and dirt. The correct drinking regime keeps the whole body afloat. But it is important to control the quality of the life-giving fuel.

9. Do Not Stray Attention During Lunch

If you combine food with watching TV series, accompanying the reading of important documents with the crunch of crackers, you will quickly plant your stomach. The brain cannot keep up with two important hares at once. Therefore, it misses signals from the tongue’s receptors and does not control the amount of food consumed.

Such a habit leads to the fact that a person gets thrown into poorly chewed food, and even beyond measure. Hence obesity, frustration, and ulceration occur.

10. Eat Lesser At Night

Why is it so important not to burden yourself with food 4-5 hours before bedtime? It is because the stomach actively digests food only until 5 pm. And then enters the rest mode and slows down all processes. If you throw a bun before going to bed, it will wander for a long time during the night.

It will lead to a slagging body, infecting the intestinal microflora and disrupting its peristalsis. As a result, you will not sleep properly; swelling and an unpleasant odor in the mouth will also occur. Therefore, it is better to eat lesser after the evening.


We are hopeful that now you are well aware of all important nutritious rules. It is not food that should rule you, but the desire to be in good shape! Therefore, follow these rules for enjoying good health.

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