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August 14, 2020

Compulsive shopping is rarely money well spent. To finding tons of clothes, kitchen utensils, electronic gadgets and decorative items in your walk-in closet and cupboards that you will never use (well yes, it lasted an evening), before buying something, ask you what will be the use. Any? Because we have the right to also please her from time to time, postpone an unnecessary purchase to the following week. If you still really want it 7 days later, then you can afford it (if you have the savings for it). For https://www.evergreenwealthformula.com this is important.

Look For Good Deals

For large purchases (car, furniture, etc.), negotiate the prices and try to get a discount. You can also wait for sales and promotional offers. Also try to get the most attractive rate when you hire contractors (mason, gardener, painter, etc.) or a housekeeper for example. Play against the competition and multiply quotes to get the best value for money.

Investing Unusual Cash Inflows

Bonuses, bonuses, 13th month, are all exceptional money inflows that can make a difference. Rather than spending it immediately, why not invest these pennies to fund your long-term projects and boost your investment goals.

Invest Your Savings

Saving is the first essential step in achieving your financial goals. However, if all you do is put money aside in your checking account and / or a few capital guaranteed investments, you won’t get very far. The key to success is investment. It is then up to you to select the markets and investments that are most suited to your risk profile and your investor profile. Also take care to diversify your portfolio, which must of course be made up of cash but also of investments in the stock markets, bonds, real estate, even alternative investments such as gold for example.

Give Preference To Tax-Exempt Investments With Limited Costs

Before you let yourself be seduced by returns that you find terribly attractive, deduct the fees and taxes you will have to pay. You may revise your judgment. Moreover, with this in mind, it may be interesting to consider tax-advantaged investments such as furnished rentals for a rental property investment, investments in forest land grouping (GFF) or wine-growing land group (GFV) , etc. Also be sure to favor tax-advantageous envelopes such as PEA or life insurance for example.

To Be Accompanied

Finally, because after all you don’t have the science, you don’t necessarily have the taste, the skills and the time to really take care of the state of your finances; do not hesitate to ask for help and to be accompanied. You can turn to your banking advisor or even a wealth management advisor but you can also simply trust digital tools such as a budget app , an account aggregator or a robo advisor  to help you on a daily basis in managing better your finances and your investments.

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