Songs Are Not Made For Nothing

Songs Are Not Made For Nothing

January 30, 2020

Everyone sings! All people do, much more if we talk about the people of God. With all their hearts and with so much joy, these people sing to praise Jesus, the Creator of the heaven at the earth.

The people of God sing. In the Bible, after crossing the Red Sea in escaping from the Egyptians, the people of Israel sang a song to the Lord (Exodus 15).  David in sadness sang laments for the Saul and his son Jonathan (1 Samuel 29:5. People sings praises and thanksgiving to the Lord with the trumpeters and musicians (2 Chronicles 5:13) . These are just some of the events in the Bible that explains the importance of songs in human life as he ventures towards the salvation of Christ.

In the life of God’s people today, music in the form of songs, still plays an important role. But did you know that singing  songs like christian videos  has wonderful effects in your daily life?

Singing Can Counteract Problems

Through singing worship songs, you can counteract anxieties and negative things that occupy your minds. Connecting and building a solid faith in God can bring you to the plethora of blessing brought by your intimate connection with Him. Jesus said that if you trust Him, you will have peace in your trials. One way of fostering your trust with him is by having devotions in which you can offer Him songs of praises.

Singing builds relationship with others

The book of Psalms suggests building relationship with other by “Addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs…” When you are singing with others, you are building a family. A family that hears each other and bears each other. Through singing, you are fostering your relationship with God by building a support system that you can confess your trials in life with. There are even testimonies that singing mended a broken relationship.

Singing makes a nonbeliever a believer

Yes, you heard right. Singing songs of praises can change life upside down. Teens who are ruled by worldly deeds such as illegal use of drugs have changed when they were introduced to people who used music to glorify God. God lets His power works through the things He created and let others know His glory. People and music are none less part of them.

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