Mark Roemer Looks at Perennials That Thrive No Matter What

June 9, 2020


Gardening is a relaxing hobby that brings you peace and also lets you have a beautiful mini oasis of your own. According to Mark Roemer, gardening isn’t easy and may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fabulous garden. Let’s look at a few perennials that survive no matter what:

The Flowers

  1. Buddleia – Buddleia, also known as butterfly bush, justifies its name with consistent waves of nectar-rich and fragrant flowers throughout the summer. The plant looks stunning in containers and is perfect to adorn your flower borders. You can also customize them according to your needs since they are available in a wide range of colors that range from white and red to pink and lavender. The only thing they must not lack is an ample amount of sunlight.
  1. Daylily – If you want something that is indestructible in flower standards, then Daylily would fit your requirement perfectly. They are resistant to insects, drought seasons and even come in a range of beautiful colors. The flowers budded by this plant are also unique since they bloom in all stages and to the direction of the sun.
  1. Hellebore – Hellebore is the perfect plant to add color to your dark garden during the dull season. Its delightful flowers bloom during the late winter and due to their early-flowering season, they are also called Christmas roses. They come in shades of pink, rose, purple, green, spotted, and even bi-color. You can arrange and plant them to make a delightful canvas in your garden.
  1. Epimedium – If you live in an area with harsh and dry soil, the Epimediumis just perfect. It is a workhorse of the garden and best to add to your shady spots. They can bloom even on dry soil in dark locations and have high resistance to droughts.
  1. Asiatic Lily – In the family of lilies, these get the most respect among its peers due to their high resilience and tough nature. Plant them during early spring and autumn so that you can cherish the sight of a beautiful garden with breathtaking flowers that come in all sorts of colors and bi-colors.
  1. Coneflower – These plants are probably the most hybridized and most widely grown throughout the nation. They come in red, orange, yellow, purple, and white and can even be found in petal packed double or triple varieties apart from the usual single-flowering variety. You can grow them out in the sun or in a light shade.
  1. Catmint – With this plant in your garden, you would get quite a few compliments from visiting neighbors and guests due to its brilliance. The flowers bloom during the summer and spring season and are rich blue in color. They can tolerate, heat and drought and bloom again after you have cut it by a third of its height.


Mark Roemer believes that these perennials allow you to make a garden that you can be proud of irrespective of your gardening skill. They are tough, gorgeous, and low maintenance.

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