Building a DNS Strategy for a Successful Business

Building a DNS Strategy for a Successful Business

January 8, 2021

Under present-day conditions, when Internet technologies develop rapidly and information traffic density increases, any company actively working in the network faces the need to make its resources reliable and convenient for customers to the fullest extent.

Today, convenience for visitors mostly means the speed of page loading and the response of its elements. These indicators are essential for many people who first visit a company’s website, online store, or other resources. A properly built DNS strategy will help make your site attractive and avoid losing potential customers.

What DNS is and how it works

In simple terms, the Domain Name System converts numeric IP addresses into human-readable letter combinations and vice versa. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of DNS on the Internet – this system is used to form responses to queries in search engines, and to transmit messages, information, as well as any content to the exact address. Therefore, it is clear that the operational stability of any company that actively uses the Internet is highly correlated to the quality of the selected DNS provider.

How DNS Strategy is made

As with any important issue, this task should be approached in a comprehensive manner. Experts recommend paying attention to the following points:

  • reputation and reliability of the DNS provider. There are many websites where you can find reviews about various platforms posted by real users; there are also ratings of providers;
  • distribution of its network. When it comes to heavy load, the more independent nodes there are, the more reliable each of them;
  • redundancy, or safety margin. If you use services of different DNS providers at the same time, then, even if the servers of one of them crash, the company will remain efficient;
  • the real traffic speed that the provider is able to offer. In a competitive environment, it is important for site visitors to avoid wasting time while waiting for the loading and to be able to work with the content in a convenient way.

Essentially, all of these tasks come down to choosing several reliable DNS providers. The article, DNS Strategy, discusses the issue in more detail, and also provides data on the use of multiple CDNs, as a method of additional optimization of work with traffic.

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