A Timeline For Sexually Assaulted People Who Are Man Or Boy

June 25, 2020


When the word of sexual abuse or assault comes to someone mind, or we read in a report about sexual assault, we think of female persons as a victim. However, we must remember that sexual assault or abuse does not occur based on gender, age, or sexual orientation. This heinous crime can happen to people of any gender anytime, anywhere. Naturally, the question may arise among us that, what are common difficulties after a sexual assault among male and female.  Like everyone else, men or boys react the same way when sexually assaulted. But the most worrying news is that man or masculinity has to face the additional challenge of surviving because of the social system. Let’s start with the discussion about men or boys being sexually assaulted.

Sexually Assaulted Male People Common Reactions:

The social system the man or boys who are victims of sexual abuse react in the same way as everyone else. But the surviving man or boy has to fight some problematic realities and challenges. When a man becomes an adult, he suffers from inferiority complex by worrying about sexual assault on his minor. Otherwise, he felt self-doubt and began to blame himself. And he always asks himself why he did not become more energetic so that he could fight against the criminal.

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  • On the other hand, many men or boys who experience ejaculation during sexual arousal, causing them to feel more guilty that the attack they enjoyed. We should have a clear idea that you are not responsible for this physiological response—the following some response from men or boys who have been sexually assaulted.

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  • Depression, anxiety, eating or sleep disorders, flashbacks, and even post-traumatic stress disorder occur among men or boy who are victims of common sexual assaults.
  • The victim always avoids places or people that remind his of this horrific sexual abuse.
  • The victim always has negative thoughts or concerns about sexual orientation, which raises a question in mind.
  • This situation, which is the worst with the victim, lead him to a short future.
  • The victim loses control of his body, causing himself to feel inferior in society.
  • If the victim experiences ejaculation as a result of physical arousal during the sexual assault, he starts blaming himself.
  • Completely isolated from various social relationships or friends, there is always the fear of disbelief in mixing with other people.

The Way Of Support Man Or Boy Survivors:

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Because of man have a conservative role in society, it is difficult for a man to tell someone that he has been sexually assaulted. And if a woman commits the crime, the man faces more challenges. The following is how to support men who are victims of such abuse.

Concentrate on hearing: Many people who have been sexually assaulted think that there is no one to express their emotions, so you must listen seriously with carefully. It is difficult for many survivors to reveal sexual assault, specifically if they panic not to be trusted because of masculinity.

Affirm their feel: You should always be sympathetic to the victim’s feelings. You can make some inspirational statements like, he shouldn’t feel so bad, he will quickly get rid of the cures in this situation, it is difficult for him to get into this situation, and there is no reason for him to feel guilty.

Make express anxious: You must treat the victim in a way that reflects your concern. You can talk to her directly like this, you always be here for him, and you care him.

Don’t inquire details about the abuse: Never should be want to completely know of the experience of sexual assault with a victim, even if you have a lot of curiosity. That can increase the emotional turmoil in the victim’s mind. But if he wants to tell you all about himself, support him with care and sympathy.

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