This is the home page of the site Defending-Islam. The purpose of this site is to promote Da’wah and the cause of Islam.  There are many around the world both Muslims and non-Muslims who may have questions when it comes to their beliefs. Some people may simply seek further clarification of what they already know. You will find many questions and answers on this site so feel free to visit and ask anything and we will be happy to answer you to the best of our ability.

Please keep in mind that while we wish to spread the message of Islam, we are not in anyway, wanting for animosity between any communities or religions. We hope to spread peace and love amongst all.

The site has two sections:

1. One Section for Explaining Islam and Answering General Allegations Against Islam.

2. Another Section for refuting the allegations and making Da'wah to major world religions. This site will focus on:

* Christianity

* Atheism/Agnosticism

* Hinduism

* Buddhism

* Pseudo-Islamic Groups such as Shias, etc.

* Other religions such as Sikhism, Judaism, etc.

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NOTE: The administrators of this site follow the Ahl us Sunnah wal Jama'ah. However, we will at times use resources from those Muslims who have deviated from the Ahl us Sunnah, and even from non-Muslim resources, as long as we feel that the greater goal of this site, namely the propagation of Islam to its utmost, is fulfilled. You can also read a v-tight gel review for a better married life.

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