Custom Canvas Print – Choose What Are You Looking For?

Custom Canvas Print – Choose What Are You Looking For?

February 7, 2020

Is there any special place in your home to collect and show memory? If yes then trust me canvas print are made for you. Today, I came here with lots of information related to custom canvas prints that you should know. Get ready to decorate your home with me – 

What is a custom canvas print?

If we have the power to look back into the past, I can show you that this technology never exists. In that time people used to have a 6” * 4” sized wall painting or a photo frame made by a local photographer. With time we noticed an advancement in technology, that shows us how to print digitally with the help of a PC. And then comes the word custom canvas print. 

So, what is a custom canvas print? 

Starting with the explanation of canvas. It is plain-woven fabric that is used for making tents, backpacks and other several items which require durability. This might give you the shock that the same fabric was used for creating personalized canvas print. 

Now, as time changes, the fabric also changed. Now the canvases are made up of different fabrics like cotton or polyester. What is the difference between the two, so the answer is the exactness of the color. If you are coloring a cloth which is made with cotton fiber, it gets seeps in while in the case of polyester it remains on the surface of strands. That is why polyester prints are more bright and cotton prints are long lasting. 

It depends on you to select the best as per your preferences. Cotton prints are much similar to that you can find in museums and are of higher quality material. And polyester is highly affordable and has bold and strong colors. 

Talking about canvas printing, it is an image printed on canvas from an inkjet printer. Once the image is printed, it gets stretched onto a frame. Some people like framed canvas borders while some opt for a frameless border. 

There are several techniques to create custom canvas print. A most common technique is gallery wrapping technique which is used for an unframed canvas print. 

Canvas prints vs framed prints

This is the most common question among people which I am getting from the last few days – What is the difference between print on paper or framed prints and canvas prints. So, here is the answer – 

  • Image printed in canvas print is permanent while in the framed print you can change or swap different photos in a single frame. 
  • Canvas print can provide you a different texture while framed print can complement room decor. 
  • The canvas prints are always light in weight. In the case of framed prints, larger frames are heavier and it is difficult to transport them from one place to another. 
  • No glare of reflection in canvas print while there is a reflection in framed prints. 

Both have some advantages and disadvantages, let’s explore some – 

Advantages of framed prints – 

  • Framed prints always have a traditional look and are appealing. 
  • Framed prints provide a decorative accent for your place either office or house. 
  • Black and white prints are great for fiber- based papers. 

Disadvantages of framed prints – 

  • It will always have some reflection when it comes in contact with light.
  • Image size is smaller for specific wall space, because of borders around the print format finish 
  • If you want a print in a larger size, then larger the size heavier the weight and also it is expensive to carry a large image with you. 
  • You or others who are seeing this will always have a perception to separate it from the print. 

Advantages of Canvas Prints –

  • Canvas prints never exhibit any reflection or glare when they come in contact with light. (This is one of the reasons why I love canvas prints the most)
  • As there are no mats and borders, the image size is larger for given wall space. 
  • You can create an extremely large size at an affordable cost and much easily. 
  • You can plan canvas prints for a semi-humid environment like for your Bathroom. 
  • As there is no frame it goes well with any wall either in the office or in your house. 
  • Availability of creative multi-panel options
  • If you want a finished look you can place it in a wood floater frame. 

Disadvantages of Canvas Prints –

  • Sometimes the texture of canvas prints can be distracting 
  • The thing which I don’t like is I cannot change my photo. This means the photo printed here is permanent. 

Canvas Print vs Acrylic Print

Whenever you are creating a personalized photo artwork, you need to take a look at different available materials. Out of which Canvas print and Acrylic prints are the two which may confuse you. So, here I am providing some useful information which will help you to choose the best for you. First, you need to understand what are acrylic prints and canvas prints. 

As I already told you canvas prints are the images that are directly printed on canvas through inkjet printers and then are stretched. Acrylic prints are made by two different processes, in the first one Image is directly printed on to the acrylic and sealed with a white back coating. In the second process, image is printed on to a paper and then sandwiched behind the acrylic

  • If you want a photo that is bright and bold in color then acrylic prints are best for you. With sleek and glossy finish it provides a 3D look to your photograph. 
  • If you want to print a photo that is classic and more sedate then you should go for Canvas Prints. As it has a slightly textured look it will provide a softer finish. Also, if you want a print of landscapes and portraits you can opt to canvas prints as it has some qualities of oil paintings.

I hope now you are clear and choose the best one for you. If you like the article drop a comment and do let us know. 

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